Dry Creek Designs has been committed to designing and creating superb quality show garments using the best materials avilable.  We take pride in each and every outfit, whether you show at the local level or world show level.  Expert tailoring and construction go into each garment using high end commercial garment industry techniques.  Jacket and vests are lined for a beautiful fit.  Pants are washable/dryable.  All our shirts, jackets and vests are hand washable as well.  Look for the crystal "L" on each piece!


Dry Creek Designs was started out of need in 1992 after an exhaustive search for children's show clothes.  Since I am a professional tailor first by training, and a very creative individual, the design process followed.  After almost 24 years in the business, I still enjoy the process of design, applique' and embellishment.  Through the years the outfits have become more costly and more elaborate, each one is made entirely by hand, one at a time.  We strive to not duplicate a design since all our creations are custom.